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Here thegeekwiz presents you the best 5 iPhone App. Today  IM apps are must for every phone .The options are many.But choosing the best ones is difficult.So I have choosen best 5 for you right from the App Store..

The list Begins Now,

Beejive IM

If you are an iPhone user you may have probably heard that app or even have it .Yes it is one of the most
popular IM app in the Appstore.It has a great support of other messenger as well and is one of the best customizable IM app. The company has been making messanger apps from long time and it reflects if you have this app. 
It also comes with feature like multiple acc. support,picture sharing and more.It is a very handy app according to me .For now this client support the following IM clients:

  1. Facebook IM
  2. Google Talk
  3. AIM/MobileMe
  4. Myspace IM
  5. Jabber
  6. MSN/Windows Live
  7. Yahoo! Messenger

 The app retails only for 9.99$ and you can download it here  here

Kik Messenger

Kik messenger is known for its awesome UI . It is extremely easy and meaningful.But the down part of this messenger is its propiertary support .It only works if other users have also Kik installed on it .So this is the problem of this app.This app is good for those who just want to chat with their loved ones and a few people . Kik is also availaible for BB and Android . It is just like WhatsApp messenger which too has this thing .The app retails for free in the App Store and you can download it  here


Verbs is an IM application that looks like it is  written by Apple themselves. The downpart of it is that it doesn’t support many clients. If the Developer of this app add support of any other IM clients it would be great app.It is one of the best looking app.Currently verb has support of local notification only means if you close it then you won’t recieve any notification. This app is also one of the cheapest from other IM application .
Verbs currently supports the following IM clients :
  1. Google Talk
  2. Aim/MObile Me
The app retails for $2.99 and you can download it here

eBuddy Pro

eBuddy is one of the most famous client ever on any platform .It has a vast user base and is know for its vast IM client support.The best part  of this app is also customization . You can customize themes , backgroung color , picture share and much more . This app also has free version that has ads and has less features regarding the pro version . 
eBuddy has support for the following IM clients :
  1. Myspace IM
  2. Yahoo! Messenger
  3. ICQ
  4. MSN/WIndows Live
  5. AIM
  6. Google Talk
  7. Hyve
  8. Facebook Chat

The pro version of the app retails for $4.99 and you can download it here


Like Beejive and eBuddy ,there is a large user base in this application also .Compatibility with other client is the best part of this client . It also comes with Skype support.
You can also view Twitter tweets via this app. There is also a free version that allow you to try the app before you purchase . 

IM+ supports the following IM clients -
  1. Myspace IM
  2. MSN/Windows Live
  3. Twitter
  4. Facebook Chat
  5. Skype
  6. ICQ
  7. Google Talk
  8. Jabber
  9. AIM
This app retails for $9.99 and you can download it  here
So this was it ,  I have not added WhatsApp because they are proprietary apps .So out of these 5 the best 3 I would recommend are:
3]IM +
Give your precious reply about them

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